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The Difficulty of Simplicity

I’ve known solitude but for the first time I feel alone. Alone is a different flavour than solitude. Solitude is the acceptance and eventual finding of contentment that rests in the idea that you’re the sole experiencer of your experience and that nothing else matters besides your inner state of being. Alone is the feeling that you need something else. Alone is the feeling of lack.

You need people. You need them to get you so you can feel at ease as you go along your path. Truth is: no one has to get you. Your work is to get you. Other people's work is to get themselves.

Therefore on this quiet page, On blank canvas after blank canvas… I'll seek to understand myself as best I can; So I may understand others as best I can.

It’s that simple and difficult at the same time. Simplicity is letting things be; Difficulty is removing the layers of beliefs and thoughts that don't allow you to just let things be.

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