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Blog Post Announcing New Blog and Also Are Blogs are Still Relevant? BLOG!

Ladies and gentlemen... it's my new BLOG!

No no no.

That sucked.

How can anyone be excited over a blog post or rather any blog for that matter?

Do people even read blogs anymore? or anything that's over 140 characters? That's NOT your aunt's badly-grammer'd political rant on Facebook?

Anyways, I used to post blogs once upon a time. Then I stopped cause like I felt that well dried up and I didn't know what to post about and I had this big wave of meaninglessness wash over me where all of life was meaningless and what's the point and who would care that I found Jurassic World to not only be the worst movie of the franchise but that it also had these very creepy and odd biblical sexist tones.


Who cares - cause - yeah - I'll write a blog post but also in like a few million maybe thousand of years the earth will be wiped out and there'll be no way to access the internet so all our data and shit we wrote and stupid Vines and YouTube videos about fidget spinners will all become this like ghost living in some unknown digital realm that'd be left up to some new civilization to discover (if they even can).

I want to write about a bunch of stuff... like videogames and movies... and also philosophy... and also movies... and also what I thought about that veggie burger I ate the other night...

the problem I had with all of this was as soon as I began to write any of it this voice appeared and was like, 'dude, what's the point? WHAT'S THE POINT? It's all meaningless - ALL OF IT.'

So what changed? Like why am I even writing now if I find it all meaningless and putting word to paper (or screen - like - via typing?) wouldn't even matter in whatever how many years.... why do I do it anyway?

Well, cause that's the work y'all.

Our work is to share information - not hoard that shit.

I'm a human on this rock spinning through space and through these humans eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and fingers I get a perceptive experience of this universe and all that is filtered down to the 'self' that sits at the seat of all this - the observer - the soul - whatever you want to call it. Simply by being here there's a relevance to what we experience cause WE'RE the sole experiencer of our own particular experience - no one else can experience it for us - WE'RE the receiver of the signals that our nerve endings generate when our fingers finginate and teeth toothinate. I guess what I'm trying to say is what MATTERS (to me) is to make an attempt at expression. What truly brings about the connectedness between all of us is that we at least TRIED to give each other a sense of the experience we experience (as we're the sole experiencer of our experience) - so we can see how it is for the other and empathize and gain compassion. The inherent hope (I assume) is that on the receiving end the consumer of our expression is also willing to open their minds, hearts, and ears and truly listen and discern to information. The hope is that they too are relaxed far enough into the seat of their selves that they can notice their own reactions and therefore start to conjure their own map of reality and reflect it against ours and sift through what resonates. You can change your reality cause you can see what fits and what doesn't as you sort through your experience.

Through listening to yourself you'll know what you like/don't like and want/don't want and you'll go with the flow and find that balance within yourself.

Oh, also, no external factor needs play a part. If you're blaming outside factors YOU'RE LOSING THE GAME. The point of the game is to look at it through YOUR LENS and decide how you can perceive it in a way that best works for YOU. How can I win at this game MY WAY? Don't get confused with how someone else plays the game. Observe, implement - find your path.

You can and will.

Okay, where was I?

Oh yeah, this boring blog post announcing this blog where I'll post blogs.

I hope you stick around and I hope I have the courage enough to not listen to that voice of meaninglessness.

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